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Entry Tag Information: Get Involved

Please follow the preparation information below for a smooth entry process

Preparing for Entry Night

Entries are received:

Thursday, September 7th

4:00 - 8:00 pm

Entries are released:

Sunday, September 10th

4:00 - 6:00 pm

Step 1: You will receive a form if you haven't already downloaded it or picked one up from Gladhill Brothers. EVERYONE will receive an Exhibitor Number.  The form needs to be filled out with the Exhibitor's name and address.  Be sure to put your exhibitor number on each tag.

Step 2: You will be directed to a registrar to enter your exhibits. You are welcome to bring the required information (described below) with you for each exhibit, and/or fill out tags ahead of time (example tag shown to the right).  If you need help filling out the form or tags, the registrars will be there to assist you!


For each exhibit, please fill out the tag with the following:


  1. Section - The letter of the section (from the catalog)

  2. Class - The number preceding the description that best fits the exhibit. If you're unsure of which Class to choose, the registrars will help you decide. 

  3. Description - Provide a brief description of the Exhibit.  If you are unsure of what to write, the registrars can help with this too.  Examples: "Pound Cake", "Chocolate chip cookies with walnuts", "Preserves - other (quince)".

  4. Division - Indicate whether the Exhibitor is an adult, teen, child or pre-school age.  If the Exhibitor is in the Child or Pre-School Division, please specify their age (note: Pre-School is under 5 years of age, Child is 5-12 years of age)

  5. Exhibitor's Name and Address - This can be handwritten or an address label (3/4" x 1.5") can be used.  If an address label is used, PLEASE make sure that the correct name is on the label; for example, if a parent is using their labels for a child, cross out the adult's name and insert the child's name.

Entry Forms are available online now

Entry Forms and Entry Tags will be available


at Gladhill Brothers John Deere, Damascus

(Routes 27 & 80)

7:00 - 5:00 (M-F)

7:00 - 2:00 (Saturday)

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