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Submitting a Entry Spreadsheet

Instead of typing or hand-writing your entries on a paper form, use our new entry spreadsheet! It's quicker, and makes the judging of entries easier.  The best part - you don't have to duplicate the catalog description for each item; it gets filled in automatically.

NEW THIS YEAR! Printed tags will be available for Entry spreadsheets submitted on-line.

Here's how to use it:

  1. Download the Excel file by clicking the button below.  You'll notice it looks a lot like the paper sheet. You can modify this using Excel or Google Sheets, or any other excel-compatible program.

  2. On the Entries tab, fill in your name, address, etc. in the spaces provided.  The age group can be selected from the drop-down menu, and the actual age is only needed for pre-school and child age groups.

  3. Enter the information for your entries, one row at a time (under the Section, Class # headings). Just enter the section letter and class number (from the catalog), and the Catalog description field will be automatically filled in.  

  4. If you want to add an extra description of your item, you can do that under the "Additional Description" heading

  5. Save the file, you can save it with any name, but using your name will work best

  6. Email the completed spreadsheet to "" no later than Thursday Sept 7 8AM.  Sheets must be emailed by Wednesday Sept 6, 8AM to pick up printed tags on Wednesday night or by Thursday 8AM to pick them up on Thursday night. Once we receive it, we'll send your exhibitor number back to you via email.

  7. Printed Entry tags can be picked up on Wednesday Sept 6 at the Fire Company Activity Center between 7pm-8pm or on Entry Night, Thursday Sept 7 from 4pm-8pm. We encourage you to pick them on Wednesday - Entry night can be hectic!

On entry night:

  1. A special entry station will be set up for those people who used the spreadsheet.  Bring your items to that line; a paper copy of the spreadsheet will be there in case you need to add or remove items at that time. 

  2. Make sure your entries have entry tags on them (either get those tags ahead of time at Gladhill Tractor Supply or pick up the printed tags per item 7 above).

  3. Then just give your items to the volunteer at the entry station, and you're done!

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